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The first visual program to play Magic: the Gathering over the Internet, Apprentice is back! The new incarnation of Apprentice will be a universal card gaming engine with advanced features that can play anything from 52-card games to collectible card games online.


Gorgeous Interface

Gorgeous Interface

Multiple Looks

Multiple Looks



Games Galore

Games Galore

Customizable Images

Customizable Images

Find Games

Find Games

Current Highlights

Autosave Game

Apprentice is a beta and so may crash or generate an error from time to time. Because of this, one of the first advanced features we added was autosave game. Apprentice will automatically save your game at the beginning of every step of the turn, so that if you ever do hit an error you can resume right from where you left off!


There are plenty of poorly-made virtual tabletop programs out there, but what's the use of having a program that can play cards if you can't play with your friends on other systems? Apprentice runs amazingly on both Windows and Mac. We're also currently hard at work to get it running on Linux as well, so you can play with a friend no matter what type of computer they have.


Apprentice was created to be intuitive to use and we are constantly working to make advanced features easy. For example, you can add a counter to a card by simply scrolling your scroll wheel up while the mouse is over it.

Game and Chat Server

Chat with your friends, find new opponents and list and search for games on our central server. No need to mess with arcane IP address or configure your router. Just connect and play!

Advanced Graphics Engine

One area that Apprentice excels at is its graphics. Cards smoothly move across the tabletop and the large card display renders its images with Photoshop-like precision. We have tried to make the visual experience of playing Apprentice as close to physically playing with friends as possible.


Apprentice started in 1995 from a community that used to play card games in chat rooms using a pencil and paper. And while over the years the technologies have changed, the communities have remained as well as their desire to not be bound by the limits of paper and to take their cardboard into the digital world. We believe these communities help to make our product superior.

Future Features

Whatever You Want

We have some ideas about what the future will hold for Apprentice, but we listen to what our users want first and foremost. If you have an idea or feature for Apprentice, participate in our Kickstarter or contact us.


One of the smaller features we plan to add in coming betas that just hasn't made it in yet is the simple ability to draw a transparent rectangle to select multiple cards at once and perform a single action to all of them.

Multiplayer and Spectator

By the end of the beta program we plan to allow games with more than two players and allow spectating. Apprentice was originally designed to support this, but we want to do it in a way that will feel intuitive and work for many games and screen sizes.


A built-in drafting system is a common request of our users that we would love to add, after the basic playability elements of Apprentice reach a near-final stage.

Tournament Infrastructure

We hope to eventually be able to add tournament infrastructure. This would include both a rating system for individual games and a community-based system for smoothly running tournaments. If it is feasible, we would like these tournaments to award prizes.

More Games

We hope to add presets and databases for many games in the future. We also hope to make it very easy for users to add their own new games and databases to Apprentice.